Supa Bunnee's Miniature Donkey Buttercup Story. by Rochelle L. Cook

Supa Bunnee's Miniature Donkey Buttercup Story.

This is a fantastical 8 minute  story for children that introduces your child to Supa Bunnee and her storytelling power.    

Use it at bedtime and watch your child want more. The story is endearingly playful, it is designed to activate your child's imagination. Watch your child ask for other stories.  

Your guide on this journey is Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT., the author of the “Supa Bunnee Goes to Sleep."  A book and audio meditation available here and the book is available on Amazon.

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For additional support it  may be good to follow up with individual child hypnotherapy sessions with Ms Cook.

What's included?

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Supa Bunnee Miniture Donkey Buttercup Story.mp3
8 mins