Supa Bunnee Overcomes Bed-Wetting by Rochelle L. Cook

Supa Bunnee Overcomes Bed-Wetting

Getting to Dry—A Developmental Story

By age six, most children who wet realize that they are in the minority among their peers. By age seven, most have become certain that there are no other children in the world their age who still wet–and they do all they can to protect their secret. They become masters at hiding the problem from friends and, to some degree, family.

There are two critical roles for parents to play: nurturer and coach. Much of what needs to be done to treat enuresis falls to your child to do herself, but she will need your understanding, encouragement, and at times firm insistence if she is to attain her dream of dry nights and dry clothes. This is not the time to chastise, scold, or punish, no matter how frustrated you become.

Don't resort to corporal punishment, everyone is frustrated, let Supa Bunnee help create a positive story around the task of Overcoming Bed-Wetting.

It is a good idea to ask your child to draw a picture of Supa Bunnee & her magic cape and put the pictures right by their bed. The story of overcoming Bed-Wetting needs to live in the child’s mind in order to cement in new positive habits.

It is a good idea to have your child listen to this story 7 times in row every night at the same time. Another anchor you can crete to cement in the story is to ask your child to draw a picture of Supa Bunnee and the words “Responsibility”and the picture by their bed. The story needs to live in the child’s mind in order to build awareness around this important and necessary step in childhood development.
Your guide on this journey

Is Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT., the author of the “The Soul’s Coach – 7 Paths to healing Your Relationship”. She is also known as the “The Soul’s Coach.” Ms. Cook’s  book, workbook and journal are available on Amazon.

If you have found this mediation useful consider reading the book, and doing the work outlined in the workbook. It will be tremendously supportive as Ms. Cook herself suffered for years with depression. She healed and so can you. If you are serious about transforming who you are in the world, do consider this work, as it has shown to be both inspirational and life changing for many people.

For additional support it  may be good to follow up with individual child hypnotherapy sessions with Ms Cook.

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