Supa Bunnee Goes to Sleep by Rochelle L. Cook

Supa Bunnee Goes to Sleep

A Hypnotic Story to Help Your Child to Sleep

Plenty of toddlers, preschoolers, even school-aged children nationwide are staying awake and often sleeping with their parents. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), as many as 24% of adults say sleep is  disturbed  when children sleep in their beds. Further research: The 2012 NSF Bedroom Poll and Get Your Bed BackThis Problem is now Solved with Supa Bunnee—A nifty Sleepytime solution for children aged 1-12 years.

It’s easier to train a toddler to sleep in his room when he’s in a crib, or in their own bed, train them early and avoid years of restless sleep when they join you in your bed. Have your child listen to Supa Bunnee Goes to Sleep at bedtime and watch your child easily go to sleep because of the delicate suggestions. 

In an entertaining manner Supa speaks directly to the child and entrains the child’s mind with delightful voices and stories. The stories are endowed with an endearing playfulness that continually suggests sleep and at the same time nourishes the child's imagination. In a typical hypnotic manner, Supa Bunnee teaches the child how to close their eyes and dream off into sleep.

It is a good idea to ask your child to draw a picture of Supa Bunnee and put his or her picture right by their bed. This story has an ability to live in the child's mind. Repeated use builds awareness and integrates proper sleep patterns into the child's life. For additional support it may be good to follow up with an individual child hypnotherapy sessions. A companion book with beautiful illustrations also exists.
It is available from Amazon.

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Your guide on this journey

Is Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT., the author of the “The Soul’s Coach – 7 Paths to healing Your Relationship”. She is also known as the “The Soul’s Coach.” Ms. Cook’s  book, workbook and journal are available on Amazon.

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If you have found this mediation useful for your child consider reading the book, and doing the work outlined in the workbook. Why, because I know that when you work on yourself and transform, then everyone around you also transforms.

For additional support it  may be good to follow up with individual hypnotherapy sessions with Ms. Cook.


What's included?

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