The 5 Real Reasons Why Affirmations Really Work

(4 Page Worksheet, 5 Min., Read) Everyone wants to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Here's how you can do that!
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I Breathe in Calmness & Breathe Out Anxiety.

(4 Page PDF 5 Min., Read) Read this affirmation out loud, three times a day for three days, then stop and evaluate how you feel. 
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5 Secret Steps to Making Affirmations Work!

What's wrong in your life? If you were asked this question, you'd probably have a dozen answers. You probably wouldn't even have to stop...
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Easily Vanquish Teeth Grinding

When teeth grinding occurs the teeth can be damaged & other oral health complications can arise. Use this mediation to minimize the damage.
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7 Ways To Overcome Jealousy And Possessiveness

(15 Min., Read, 6 Page PDF) Breaking the chains of jealousy & possessiveness isn't something anyone can do for you. But you can start here!
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What is Emotional Cheating?

(10 Min., Read, 5 Page PDF) Emotional cheating is an intimacy between two people who are in a committed relationship to other persons and...
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9 Hacks That Immediately Improve Meditation

(10 Min., Read 5 page PDF) Meditation is simple but challenging to do well. It wouldn’t hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve.
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7 Powerful Relationship Affirmations

(Daily Ritual, 4 page PDF) Use these affirmations to reinforce your new positive relationship directions.
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20 Signs Your Significant Other is Cheating

(10 Min. Read 6 Page PDF) A healthy marriage relationship is built on trust, and a cheating significant other destroys the trust that serves
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How to End a Toxic Relationship Safely

(10 Min., Read 6 Page PDF) Do you want to escape a toxic relationship but  can't? Use this guide, answer the questions and take the steps.
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11 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

(10 Min., Read 6 Page PDF) If you're in an abusive relationship (physical or emotional), you know it's toxic. What are the signs?
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6 Sure Signs of Narcissism. Are You a Narcissist? Take the Quiz

(5 Min., Quiz) Are you wondering if you or someone you know is a narcissist? Answer six questions & discover if you are!
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What is Gaslighting? 6 Examples & 6 Steps to Take to Protect Yourself

(10 Min., Read 6 Page PDF) Gaslighting sows seeds of doubt in an individual, a group of people, or a whole nation. It's abuse to be stopped!
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Take These 5 Powerful Steps to Break the Chains of Depression

(8 Min. Read 5 Page PDF + 30 Min. Worksheet)
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13 Ways to Tame Anxiety

(5 Min. Read 4 Page Resource Guide PDF) Avoid the belief that you just have to suffer with  discomfort & anxiety. 
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8 Beliefs That Keep You From Love

(5 Min., read 4 page PDF) Ineffective beliefs can limit your ability to find love, lose weight and reduce your anxiety levels.
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4 Ways to Program Your Subconscious Mind

( 5 min Read 4 pages PDF) In theory, the subconscious mind controls 95% of our behavior. It only makes sense to address this 95%.
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