Easily Vanquish Teeth Grinding

When teeth grinding occurs the teeth can be damaged & other oral health complications can arise. Use this mediation to minimize the damage.
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Strengthening Your Self Worth

(25 Min. Meditation & Back to Wakefulness)
#Feelingblue, #anxious, or worried today? Your self-worth may be low. Top up your tank!
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Deep Sleep With The Waves

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End Emotional Eating (#1)

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Overcome Test Anxiety

(10 Min., Read, 3 Module Course, Worksheets &  Meditations)
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Deep Deep Sleep

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Protection & Deep Sleep

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White Light of protection

Power Nap

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Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

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Past Life Regression

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Summer Imagery for Pain Relief

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Winter Imagery for Pain Relief

Stop Smoking & Wake Up

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Stop Smoking & Sleep Deeply

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Overcome Caffeine Addiction

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Law of Attraction

Retreat to Inner Safety, Grounding & Competence

White Light of Protection

(60 Min. Meditation Followed by Deep Sleep)

Mindfulness Meditation

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Channel your Inner Ganesha!