Hypno-Behavioral Weight Loss Program by Rochelle L. Cook

Hypno-Behavioral Weight Loss Program

Stop The Madness...Change The Way You Think About Food & Yourself

A 9-Day At Home, Weight Loss Program That Lasts a Lifetime.
Clinical Hypnotherapist and weight release expert Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt., has helped thousands get free from cravings, trigger foods and yo-yo dieting. Experience nine powerful audio recordings and the one-secret Hypnotherapeutic solution to lasting results.

What's included?

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Too many diet solutions are temporary. Let's fix that now!
No 1: Let's Get Started "What is Emotional Eating?"
Welcome to Hypno-Behavioral Weight Loss Program (Plus: Success Tips!)
No 1 Emotional Eating By Rochelle L. Cook.mp3
20 mins
No 2: Weight Release Control Center
Read this first before you listen to the meditation
No 2 Weight Release Control Center Rochelle l. Cook.mp3
30 mins
No 3: Aversion to Unhealthy Foods
Identify your cravings
No 3 Aversion to Unhealthy Foods.mp3
25 mins
No 4: Garden of Choice
In this meditation, you’ll reinforce positive choices about your future weight.
No 4 Garden of Choice 2020 30.mp3
30 mins
No 5: Pre Operation Check list Hypno-Surgery
Meditations 5 to 9 walk you through a virtual version of the procedure you’d experience in a real gastric surgery for weight loss.
No 5 Hypno Surgery O1 BY Rochelle L. Cook.mp3
25 mins
No 6: Hypno-Surgery Preparation
Meditation 6
No 6 Hypno Surgery 02 Rochelle L. Cook.mp3
20 mins
No 7: Hypno-Surgery Operation
A Gastric-Band Operation without the pain and pills.
No 7 Hypno Surgery 03 Rochelle L. Cook.mp3
30 mins
Use the next 24 hours to recuperate
No 8: Post Operation Hypno-Surgery Adjustment
No 8: Post Operation Hypno-Surgery Adjustment
No 8 Hypno Surgery 04 Band Adjustment.mp3
20 mins
No 9: Therapy Maintenance & Maintenance
No 9: Therapy Maintenance & Maintenance
No 9 Hypno Surgery 05 Daily Reinforcement.mp3
22 mins
You said “yes” to releasing weight forever...