How to Embrace Relationship Acceptance & Drop Expectations! by Rochelle L. Cook

How to Embrace Relationship Acceptance & Drop Expectations!

Work the quizzes and worksheets inside this course. Reinvent your relationships at home, with your significant other and at work. This is a short online 4-day course that  will: 

  1. Have you quickly embracing acceptance and ditching expectations. Cultivatating your romantic relationship
  2. Growing love in your family and community 
  3. Cultivating your professional relationships.

What's included?

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Day 1
How to Embrace Relationship Acceptance & Drop Expectations
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Day 1: Quiz
Day 2
Cultivating Better Romantic Relationships - Worksheet
Day 2: Quiz Cultivating Better Romantic Relationships
Cultivating Better Romantic Relationships - Checklist
Day 3
Cultivating Better Relationships with Loved Ones - Checklist
Day 3: Quiz
Day 4
Cultivating Better Professional Relationships
Cultivating Better Professional Relationships Checklist
Day 4: Quiz Professional Relationships to BuildĀ 
Day 4 Quiz Professional Relationship Qualities
Day 4: Quiz Professional Relationship Qualities