Are You Stuck in a World of Relationship Hurt? Free Yourself From the Pain! by Rochelle L. Cook

Are You Stuck in a World of Relationship Hurt? Free Yourself From the Pain!

A powerful, deep and life changing 3 module course, with meditations, worksheets, exercises and quizzes. Let go of your pain, become unstoppable.


I've just tried to login to continue with my journey (up to module 2), and I can't login. I can only do the work when I don't have my kids. Can you please help - I was getting so much out of this programme!
Melinda C.

Does this sound like you (I bet it does!)?

Can I ask you a few questions? Just take a minute to think through these…

Do you want to stop the pain of your breakup…

...but you seem to be stuck in a world of hurt?

Do you want to be able to put the past behind you…

...but you don’t know how?

Do you want to learn why it hurts so bad..…

...but you’re not sure who to ask?

If you answered, “Yes,” to any of those questions, than I’ve got some good news for you. 


You can stop the pain, rediscover how wonderful you really are, and learn how to release the past. 

You can dare to hope for the future you DREAMED of before the big hurt!


I created a specific training to show you EXACTLY how. 

It’s called…

Healing From Emotional Trauma, Breakups, and Betrayal [link to course]

I’ll hold you by the hand, step-by-step, and show you how to unlock…

...the secrets to freedom from your emotional trauma.

In this training, you’ll learn how:

  • Your pain is intensified by emotional, physical, and mental processes
  • To work with the chemistry of your body to reduce the negative effects
  • To escape the negative programming of your loss
  • To avoid toxic routines that make you feel the pain over and over
  • To identify and reverse the processes that keep you stuck in pain
  • To discover a way out, so you can move forward

This has the power to change EVERYTHING!

If you have ANY questions, please let me, Rochelle know. (Email me directly

With You on the Journey!

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P.S. My book is designed to help you navigate stormy relationship seas. It's available on Amazon.

What's included?

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Understanding What Happens Emotionally
30 mins
I Am Allowed to Cry
Understanding What Happens Physically
I give myself room to grow
Understanding What Happens Mentally
Module 1 Quiz
Module 1 Summary & Reflection
The Power of Your Thoughts
What Forgiveness Is Not
I Forgive Everyone!
What Forgiveness Is
Forgiveness is a Choice
Are You Stuck in a World of Hurt? Module 2 Quiz
Summary & Reflection
Recognize How Powerful You Are
I Train my Mind
My Past is Behind Me
Align Your Beliefs to Releasing Pain
Additional Resources (Install Beliefs Worksheet)
Think Your Way to Freedom
Use Power to Change Thoughts
Practice Thought Control
Tame the Pain
Releasing Emotional Burdens
Changing Behavior
Create Your New Reality
Letting Go Sets Me Free.
Summary and Reflection
Bonus Worksheet: I Accept My Past
Bonus Worksheet: I am free