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Spiritual Psychology combined with Clinical Hypnotherapy  produces long-lasting results and makes you unbeatable. Hello my name is Rochelle, I'm an Author, Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. You may have seen me me and my work on: CNN, OWNTV, Oprah Winfrey's Super Soul Sunday, LA Times, VoyageLA, Amazon, Barns & Noble and many others.

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Do you want to experience freedom and find peace, heal past issues and thrive in the present moment? You will find a full range of Hypno-Meditations, Guides, Courses & Resources available here to help you become unstoppable. You can also participate and benefit from all the mediations and courses as a VIP member for a low monthly fee. View the details here...

Easily Vanquish Teeth Grinding

When teeth grinding occurs the teeth can be damaged & other oral health complications can arise. Use this mediation to minimize the damage.
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I leave negative relationships behind!

Use this affirmation at bedtime or read it out loud when you wake up in the morning. Repetition is the key to change.
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7 Ways To Overcome Jealousy And Possessiveness

(15 Min., Read, 6 Page PDF) Breaking the chains of jealousy & possessiveness isn't something anyone can do for you. But you can start here!
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Banish Your Imposter Syndrome

(10 Min's., Effort, 8 Questions, 7 page PDF & 21-Day Email Challenge)  WHERE ARE YOU NOW AND WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE?
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Imposter Syndrome! What It Is & How to Overcome It!

(5 Hour Study, 51 page PDF) Do you find it hard to believe that people trust you? Do you regularly feel self-doubt? Discover why.
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Stop Toxic Emotional Pain In 4-Steps Now

(Free 120 Min. 4-Day Process) Start this practice, and release your pain and suffering for good. A priceless transformational gift for you.

What is Emotional Cheating?

(10 Min., Read, 5 Page PDF) Emotional cheating is an intimacy between two people who are in a committed relationship to other persons and...
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Discover Rare, Remarkable Romance in 12-Days

(12- Day Online & Emailed Course) Romance is common in the early stages of a relationship but quickly fades when the chase is over.
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Hypno-Behavioral Weight Loss Program

(9 Day Program, 9 Core Hypno-Meditations) What are you having for lunch today? An at Home, Weight Loss Program That Lasts a Lifetime.
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9 Hacks That Immediately Improve Meditation

(10 Min., Read 5 page PDF) Meditation is simple but challenging to do well. It wouldn’t hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve.
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7 Strategies to Avoid Toxic People

(15 Min., Read, 8 Page PDF, Priceless Tips) A toxic relationship is characterized by insecurity, self-centeredness, dominance, and control. 
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7 Powerful Relationship Affirmations

(Daily Ritual, 4 page PDF) Use these affirmations to reinforce your new positive relationship directions.
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20 Signs Your Significant Other is Cheating

(10 Min. Read 6 Page PDF) A healthy marriage relationship is built on trust, and a cheating significant other destroys the trust that serves
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11 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

(10 Min., Read 6 Page PDF) If you're in an abusive relationship (physical or emotional), you know it's toxic. What are the signs?
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How to End a Toxic Relationship Safely

(10 Min., Read 6 Page PDF) Do you want to escape a toxic relationship but  can't? Use this guide, answer the questions and take the steps.
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6 Sure Signs of Narcissism. Are You a Narcissist? Take the Quiz

(5 Min., Quiz) Are you wondering if you or someone you know is a narcissist? Answer six questions & discover if you are!
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What is Gaslighting? 6 Examples & 6 Steps to Take to Protect Yourself

(10 Min., Read 6 Page PDF) Gaslighting sows seeds of doubt in an individual, a group of people, or a whole nation. It's abuse to be stopped!
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Overcome Past Trauma by Building a House

(20 Min Deep Trance Meditation & Back to Wakefulness) Effective Hypnotherapeutic meditations are based on  metaphors.
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Overcome Past Trauma by Saying Goodbye

(20 Min Deep Trance & Back to Wakefulness) How many ways can you heal a wound? Wounds from long ago impact how you live today. Say goodbye.
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8 Beliefs That Keep You From Love

(5 Min., read 4 page PDF) Ineffective beliefs can limit your ability to find love, lose weight and reduce your anxiety levels.
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13 Ways to Tame Anxiety

(5 Min. Read 4 Page Resource Guide PDF) Avoid the belief that you just have to suffer with  discomfort & anxiety. 
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Take These 5 Powerful Steps to Break the Chains of Depression

(8 Min. Read 5 Page PDF + 30 Min. Worksheet)
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Are You Stuck in a World of Relationship Hurt? Free Yourself From the Pain!

(7-Day, 3 Module Course, Worksheets &  Meditations)

4 Ways to Program Your Subconscious Mind

( 5 min Read 4 pages PDF) In theory, the subconscious mind controls 95% of our behavior. It only makes sense to address this 95%.
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Overcome Test Anxiety

(10 Min., Read, 3 Module Course, Worksheets &  Meditations)
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Strengthening Your Self Worth

(25 Min. Meditation & Back to Wakefulness)
#Feelingblue, #anxious, or worried today? Your self-worth may be low. Top up your tank!
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White Light of Protection

(60 Min. Meditation Followed by Deep Sleep)

Law of Attraction

Retreat to Inner Safety, Grounding & Competence

Mindfulness Meditation

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Channel your Inner Ganesha!

Life, Brain Surgery and Spirituality

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Meditate & Visualize Your New Healthy Story

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Summer Imagery for Pain Relief

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Winter Imagery for Pain Relief

Stop Smoking & Wake Up

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Overcome Caffeine Addiction

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Stop Smoking & Sleep Deeply

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How to Embrace Relationship Acceptance & Drop Expectations!

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Deep Sleep With The Waves

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End Emotional Eating (#1)

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Deep Deep Sleep

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Protection & Deep Sleep

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White Light of protection

Power Nap

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Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

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Past Life Regression

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12 Secret & Inspiring Undertakings to Power Up Romance at Home!

Supa Bunnee Learns Responsibility

This 10 minute story for children helps your child understand what and how important responsibility is.  Use it at bedtime and watch...
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Supa Bunnee Learns Not to Judge

This 20 minute story for children helps your child understand what and how important Learning not to Judge is.  Try this today.
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Supa Bunnee Teaches Love Myself

A positive sense of self is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Children with high self-esteem feel loved and grow healthier.
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Supa Bunnee Learns Patience

Boost your child's patience with a developmental story that teaches patience.
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Supa Bunnee Overcomes Bed-Wetting

By age six, most children who wet realize that they are in the minority among their peers. By age seven, most have become certain that...
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Supa Bunnee Scared of the Dark

Lots of kids are afraid of the dark. Whether it’s the latest scary movie or boogeyman underneath the bed or an alien monster outside. Fix it
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Supa Bunnee's Potty Training Adventure

Potty Training is designed as a fascinating hypnotic story that releases children of the anxiety associated with their next step.
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Supa Bunnee Goes to Sleep

A Hypnotic Story to Help Your Child to Sleep. Toddlers, preschoolers, even school-aged children nationwide are staying awake! End that now!
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Supa Bunnee Eats Healthy

In an entertaining manner Rochelle speaks directly to the child’s subconscious mind and entrains the child’s mind with rich stories.
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Supa Bunnee's Miniature Donkey Buttercup Story.

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5 Secret Steps to Making Affirmations Work!

What's wrong in your life? If you were asked this question, you'd probably have a dozen answers. You probably wouldn't even have to stop...
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I Breathe in Calmness & Breathe Out Anxiety.

(4 Page PDF 5 Min., Read) Read this affirmation out loud, three times a day for three days, then stop and evaluate how you feel. 
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The 5 Real Reasons Why Affirmations Really Work

(4 Page Worksheet, 5 Min., Read) Everyone wants to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Here's how you can do that!
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Client Love

Hi Rochelle,

I hope you and your significant other are well in this Age of Anxiety!

In 2017 you helped me a lot with your hypnosis sessions and hypno-meditations. Much has changed since then! Recently I thought of your recordings, and want to start listening to them nightly once again.

The recordings you made for me I think are sadly lost. Your recordings are so powerful. I was looking for the TMJ recording you had suggested, and another recording I used to listen to, perhaps “White Light of Protection Sleep”? I remember it rocked... floating on a river, and protection... 

Do you know where I can find these? I would like to purchase them! 

Thanks so much,
Leslie G.

Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt

Author, Teacher, Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Life is uncertain! Most of us try to control life and the incidents and events that happen. But, often, this causes deep grief and anxiety because life shows up differently than our expectations. We have become attached to the illusion that what shows up is wrong or broken. 
I help you change this perception because I coach women & men too use painful pasts as fuel to grow and find the right path and become unstoppable.